The world is experiencing probably the worst and toughest times of its existence. The pandemic of Covid-19 has taken over the entire world, thousands of people have caught this infection, hundreds are dead, and the situation is still not under control. It’s probably the first time that the entire world has committed to self isolation and the lockdown has been imposed at the same time everywhere. The most challenging thing right now is to cope with the spread of infection through means of social distancing. Since there is no antidote for the cure of this disease, we are entirely relying on precautions and isolation to stop the spread. There are so many theories circling in the social media, regarding origin of Covid-19’s spread and how it might end the world. In these trying times, it is utter tricky not to be overwhelmed by all the new information coming our way. So far, all we know is to stay aware of the latest updates and follow precautionary measures advised by the health care providers. Here is a detailed guide of preventive steps, to keep safe and protect others from this infection:

Understand How Covid-19 Spreads:

  1. There is currently no vaccine  available for the cure of Covid-19
  2. The best way to stay safe from this disease is to avoid being exposed to this virus
  3. It mainly transmits from person to person
  4. When a Covid infected person coughs or sneezes, the droplets dropped in the atmosphere catch the hosts
  5. It infects the respiratory system by entering through the throat, causes a blockage, and restricts breathing
  6. Shaking hands with an infected person, coming in close contact with them will infect the others

Know the Symptoms of Covid-19

  1. You will feel fatigued, tired and suffer from bodily aches
  2. Infected people can have a runny nose, nasal congestion, dry coughs, high fever and diarrhea
  3. Some people might even lose a sense of smell and taste
  4. 80% of the cases will recover from this infection without any special medical treatment

How to Protect Yourself from Covid-19

  • Wash your hands frequently (with hand sanitizers or with a soap that contains at least 60% alcohol) mainly if you have visited a public place
  • Maintain 6-feet distance from others in public places
  • Avoid touching your nose, face, and mouth with unwashed hands
  • Avoid close to people who are sick (having flu, fever or coughs)
  • Avoid going out and distance yourself if you live in an area where Covid-19 is rapidly spreading
  • Cover your face with a tissue or clean cloth when you sneeze or cough
  • Stay home if you feel sick
  • Throw used tissues
  • Wear a mask if you are feeling sick
  • There is no need to wear a mask if you are healthy and fine unless you are around someone who is sick (There is a shortage of facemasks supply currently, by avoiding to stock up on facemasks you will help those who are in dire need of it)
  • Do not panic, fear and stress weakens immune system
  • Elderly above age 50, kids under age 10 are most exposed to catching this virus
  • People with weaker immune system, suffering chronic diseases must follow precautionary measures properly
  • Do not go out until and unless these it is a dire necessity
  • While at home, clean your home surfaces, including doorknobs, light switches, handle, desks, toilets, keyboards, sinks, and faucets.
  • Stay safe, stay home.

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