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We all need that extra boost of energy in the morning or the afternoon. Work is hectic, life is hectic, and hectic is just so energy-consuming. Caffeine and nicotine gives you a boost but an addictive habitual cost. In addictive manners, you need more and more of the same thing to feel the same effect you used to feel before your body got used to it.

So wouldn’t it be nice if there was a natural way to get that extra bit of steam to get through the day? Well, you are in luck; there are a variety of essential oils that can provide you a pick-me-up. You can use diffusers, atomizers, and many other such techniques to obtain this benefit of essential oils.

How do essential oils help increase energy?

Just as a proper diet and regular exercise keeps you healthy and energized. Essential oils are similar in that manner. They affect different biological factors in the body, such as heart rate, blood pressure, stress, hormones, and etc.

Essential oils are either inhaled or applied topically. When used, they affect different areas of the brain, which stimulates functions that keep the body active and calm. Essential oils enable you to be better prepared at taking on your daily responsibilities.

Best five essential oils for energy:

Many essential oils provide mood-altering and memory-enhancing effects. You can even use a blend of different essential oils to gain maximum benefits. Some of the most important energy inducing essential oils are as followed:

  1. Lemon essential oil:

Citrus oils are excellent at providing energy and boosting moods. Moreover, there is a distinct link between its use and reduced stress levels. Only lavender oil comes close to its stress-relieving effects. Furthermore, other than its physiological impact on the body, it also helps in removing toxins. Removal of toxins prevents your body from feeling lethargic.

Lemon essential oil can be inhaled through aromatherapy, applied directly on the skin, and can also be consumed as a tea.

  • Orange essential oil:

Being another citrus-based oil, orange essential oil provides you with mental clarity and energy. There is also a link between orange essential oil and the reduction of stress and fatigue as well. Orange essential oil also has antiseptic properties. Hence it keeps you and your surrounding air germ-free.

  • Cinnamon essential oil:

Cinnamon treats and desserts may leave you feeling sleepy and lethargic. However, inhaling its vapors has the opposite effect. This essential oil helps improve blood flow and dissipates heat evenly to the body. This is vital for a healthy functioning immune and circulation system. Cinnamon essential oil enables you to keep your energy levels in check by keeping your blood sugar at the right levels. It enhances metabolism and provides you with energy naturally.

  • Peppermint essential oil:

Peppermint essential oil has a minty nature. This oil helps prevent mind fog and keeps your spirits high throughout the long working hours of the day. The methanol found in the oil is effective in reducing fatigue and poor concentration. It is excellent for students who are studying for their exams. The oil’s relaxing effects also help keep your metabolism in check. You can apply this oil directly to your clothing, or you can sniff it from the bottle. However, aromatherapy will help you gain maximum benefits from it.

  • Lavender essential oil:

Lavender essential oil helps keep your mood and hormones in balance. Often people feel fatigued, because of their emotional stress, rather than their long working hours. These individuals can regularly inhale lavender essential oil to calm their nerves and help them focus better. Moreover, these calming effects will result in a healthier mindset and improved sleeping habits as well.

All of these effects will directly influence your energy levels and productivity. So keep a bottle in your bag or pocket. Sniff throughout the day to keep you calm and relaxed.

You can use this oil through inhalation or by directly applying to clothing or skin (dilute with a carrier oil for those with sensitive skin).

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