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What Is Beauty Sleep?

Scientists believe sleep deprivation accelerates the aging of skin. Just like our body, our skin needs rest. As we sleep, our skin restores and also heals itself by releasing toxins. A good night’s sleep helps in improving your Skin Care Routine. During our sleep, our body produces human growth hormone that is necessary for healthy skin. If we are sleep deprived, our body fails to produce human growth hormone resulting in deterioration of the skin’s health.

Why Is Bedtime Skincare Routine Necessary for Healthy Skin?

There are many factors affecting the skin’s health during the day. Sun exposure and free radicals are among damaging factors to the skin’s health. Healthy skin requires care and nourishment. A proper nighttime skin care routine for your skin type can rectify the skin damage caused during the day and improves its overall health. The best overnight skin care routine, however, requires proper method and apt usage of beauty products. Here’s the best order of using skincare products in your nighttime skin care routine. 

Cleansing Oils and Water-based Cleansers

Sleep is a restorative period for our skin and body. Before bedtime, a basic skincare step such as cleansing has healing and rejuvenating impact on the skin. It helps in removing dirt build-up on the skin causing clogged pores and dull complexion.

Washing your face before bedtime helps in maintaining healthy-looking skin and offers you a refreshed glow in the morning. The best overnight skin care routine starts with cleansing. Double cleansing is the latest skincare trend, and it is worth a try. Double cleansing involves using a cleansing oil and a water-based cleanser.

 Cleansing oil helps in removing makeup and excess oil from the face. Water-based cleanser helps in removing impurities and sweat. Double cleansing will help in cleaning your skin deeply from toxins and excess oil. Moisturizers and serums absorb on the cleansed skin easily and also have a greater effect. Cleansing at nighttime will help in brightening a dull complexion and prevents from clogging of pores.

Natural Cleansing Oil: Majestic Pure’s cleansing oil is 100% pure and natural. It is best for gentle cleansing as it is chemical-free and is suitable for all skin types.

How to Use:

  • Apply a thin layer of oil on your whole face gently (avoid eye area) with your fingertips.
  • Massage using circular motion to your face upward and relax for 2-3 minutes.
  • Rinse your face with water.

Caution: – Majestic Pure’s cleansing oil is for external use only.  Avoid applying near eye area.

Facial Toners

After you are done with cleansing, it is time to apply facial toners. The facial toners remove the remnants of dirt, oil, and makeup left after cleansing.  An effective facial toner will also help to soothe rough and dull-looking skin. A natural facial toner helps in hydrating skin and reducing discoloration of skin. It balances your skin’s pH level and moisturizes the skin. You can choose a facial toner suitable for your skin type recommended by skin care experts.

Natural Skin Toner: Majestic Pure’s Rosemary essential oil can be used as an ingredient in facial toners. You can make a homemade facial toner using Majestic Pure’s Rosemary oil, water, and lemon juice by following the below mentioned recipe:

  • 3 tablespoons of water
  • 5 tablespoons of witch hazel
  • 1 tablespoon of lemon juice
  • 5-7 drops rosemary essential oil
  • Mix all ingredients in a 3 oz bottle.
  • Close lid and shake well.
  • Store in a cool, dark place.

How to Use:

  • Wash your face and pat dry
  • Pour the toner on a cotton pad to the proportion that it is damp and not overly soaked.
  • Gently apply the toner on your face and neck (avoid eye area).
  • Let it dry and then apply moisturizers.

Caution: It may irritate sensitive and dry skin. Apply a small amount under your elbow’s skin to test any allergies.

Eye Cream

As your skin ages, dark circles, and eye bags become more apparent. With aging, our skin loses elasticity causing the appearance of fine lines and also wrinkles around eyes. Skin around the eyes is delicate. Therefore, specifically formulated eye cream hydrates the sensitive skin around eyes to prevent the appearance of visible aging signs. Adding a suitable eye cream for your skin type in your nighttime skin care routine can help in combating the appearance of wrinkles.

Natural Eye Cream: Majestic Pure Retinal 0.1 is an excellent cream for under eye wrinkles and crow’s feet. It helps in promoting even skin tone around the eyes.

How to Use:

  • Wash your face and pat dry.
  • Apply a small amount of cream to entire face and neck areas and allow it to dry.
  • Wait for 3 minutes before applying moisturizer.

Caution: – This product may irritate sensitive skin. Using sunscreen during the day is recommended.

Anti-Aging Serums

A younger and fresh looking skin enhances your self-esteem and makes you attractive.  The aging of the skin is a natural process, but due to environmental damage, our skin needs additional care to preserve a youthful appearance. Adding anti-aging serum before sleep improves your skin’s health and combats aging of skin. It helps in reducing wrinkles and fine lines and promotes even skin texture. Anti-aging serum detoxifies skin resulting in a smooth and glowing appearance of the skin. Skincare experts suggest selecting anti-aging serum based on your skin’s needs and conditions at the time. Extra layering up of anti-aging serum can also cause skin irritation.

Natural Anti Aging Serum: Majestic Pure’s Anti Aging Vitamin C serum helps in cleansing skin. It helps in reducing premature aging of skin. All skin types can use it. It is 100% pure and natural.

How to Use:

  • Apply a small amount serum on your face (avoid eye area) with your fingertips in a circular motion.
  • Leave it on your face until it absorbs.

Caution: – Rub a minimal amount of the serum under your elbow’s skin to test any allergies.

Hydrating Masks

In the never-ending pursuit of healthy skin, we come across many products and ingredients that can address our skin care concerns.  Hydrating masks are specifically designed to target various skin issues. There are different types of hydrating masks according to all types of skin.  Hydrating masks help in soothing dry skin, moisturizing and detoxifying the skin. They offer an extra boost of hydration to your skin, giving it a natural glow. The hydrating masks have a mild impact on the skin and help in skin brightening.  They promote skin tightening by providing the required moisture to your skin. You can use hydrating masks once or twice a week.

Natural Hydrating Masks: Majestic Pure’s natural hydrating mask helps in moisturizing skin and combating the appearance of wrinkles.

How to Use Face Mask:

  • Apply a thin layer on your face (avoid eye area) gently using fingertips or brush.
  • Massage your face using circular motion upward.
  • Leave it on your face for 20 to 25 minutes.
  • Rinse it with water

Caution: – Apply a small amount of mask under your elbow’s skin to test any allergies.


Moisture is necessary for maintaining a healthy condition of the skin.  Lack of moisture causes your skin to look tired, dull, and older than its actual age. Moisturizers are different for daytime and nighttime. Generally, nighttime moisturizers are thicker than day time moisturizers. Extra thickness of nighttime creams/moisturizers is designed to sustain on your skin for several hours while you sleep. Nighttime moisturizer provides protective layering on your skin to keep it hydrated. Applying moisturizer on the face prevents early aging of the skin. 

Natural Moisturizers: Majestic Pure’s moisturizer is specially formulated to hydrate your skin for a more extended period. Majestic Pure’s moisturizer helps in detoxifying skin and nourishing your skin for a youthful glow.

How to Use:

Apply a small amount on your face (avoid eye area) and neck gently using fingertips in an upward circular motion.

Caution: – For sensitive skin condition, use it once daily at night time. For normal to oily skin conditions, use it daily at day time and night time.

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