3 Best Healthy Skin Whitening Essential Oils

People commonly use lotions, creams, soaps, foundations, and in certain cases, even medication to improve their skin tone for Skin Whitening. However, there is a more natural and healthier alternative to these regiments known as essential oils. Essential oils contain all the nutrients and moisturizing capabilities that the human skin could desire.

Using essential oils will not just improve the quality of your overall skin, but will also provide it with the right kind of nourishment. This, in turn, leads to the whitening and lightening of your skin. People mostly associate oils with tanned skin, but I am going to change that notion for your today. But, before we talk about skin fairness, I want to list other benefits that you can attain from using essential oils.

Beauty Health Benefits of Essential Oils:

  • Protects your skin from hyperpigmentation. A condition which leads to uneven skin tone. If this condition isn’t treated in its initial stages, then it can alter your appearance permanently.
  • Essential oils may help fade stretch marks and scars.
  • Aromatherapy of essential oils relieves people from depression, insomnia, and other health-related issues.
  • It provides the skin with nourishment and moisture.
  • It helps elevate pain and provide relief against muscular pain.

There are numerous more benefits, and the list is almost unending. Every other day we find out more and more about the benefits of using essential oils.

Three Oils for Skin Whitening:

  1. Argan Essential Oil:

Argan oil, which is also called Morrocan oil, has been given the nickname “Liquid Gold” because of its appearance. The oil is proven to have many benefits for the hair and skin. Many have used Argan oil like an anti-aging serum. The oil also contains anti-inflammatory properties, which reduces the appearance of wrinkles and discoloration.

Argan oil cleanses your skin of toxins and restricts the growth of melanin, which improves your skin’s natural glow. The oil also helps reduce pimples, scarring, and other blemishes. You can apply Argan oil directly to your face and leave it overnight. Wash with lukewarm water in the morning. You will start seeing results in 2-3 weeks.

  • Almond Essential Oil:

Almond oil helps in brightening up your skin tone and works wonders to rid you of the dark circles under your eyes. The oil is especially useful in removing dead skin and promoting the growth of new skin cells. This helps your skin recover faster from the effects of the sun and other problems causing sources.

You can apply almond oil all over your face and body. It is safe to use and works best when mixed with Sandalwood oil. Mixing and applying these oils will help you gain fairer and smoother skin.

  • Olive Essential Oil:

Olive essential oil is loaded with vitamin E, which is vital for having brighter, healthy, and beautiful looking skin. This oil is best known for getting rid of over pigmentation and uneven skin tone. Olive oil is useful in removing fine lines, and many believe it has anti-cancer effects.

For brighter skin tone, use two tablespoons of olive oil, with half a cup of yogurt and three tablespoons of honey. Mix these ingredients well apply to your face once a week for the best results.

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