3 Way How To Clean Nail Art Brushes

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Hands and nails are the mirrors of our personality. When we meet someone the first thing we look at is their hand. Clean hands reflect the cleanliness aspect of a person. Many women nowadays use nail art to make their hands beautiful and attractive.

Nail art is a technique that uses a variety of brushes and tools. A clean brush is essential for good nail art. keeping the nail art brushes clean is also an art. There are different ways to clean nail art brushes. We will share with you different ways how to clean nail art brushes.

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What Is Nail Art?

First of all, you need to know what is nail art. Nail art is the technique of painting or decorating different eye-catching designs on your fingernails.
There is a huge variety of designs available, ranging from sophisticated and unusual to funky and outrageous.

For example, if you want to go on a date you can get flowers painted on your nails, or if you are going to watch a match or game you can get your favorite player’s picture painted on your nails. You can get this nail art done by a professional, while usual nail art could be done by yourself at home.

How To Clean Nail Art Brushes

Nail art brushes are essential tools of nail art. If you ever used a brush and found dried paint particles on it after reuse, you know how important it is to clean nail art brushes regularly.
If you don’t clean your brushes and the brushes are left with dry dirt, the brush will soon be unusable.

To keep nail art brushes in a good situation, wipe your brushes often as you apply gel polish or acrylic dye. Once you have completed nail art, clean all your nail art brushes and product with these ingredients. Doing so will make the nail art brushes ready for nail art again in no time.

Use acetone or non acetone polish remover
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1: Use acetone or non-acetone polish remover

Take acetone or nonacetone nail paint remover into a small pot. Acetone accomplishes great work for expelling and removing polish from the brush hairs, but it is harsh and could dry out the strands. Pick acetone for artificial bristles and non-acetone nail paint remover for bristles made of natural fibers.

If you just need to clean a few brushes, you may take about 2 tablespoons or 30 ml of the nail paint remover into a small pot. Dip the bristles of the brush in it completely and let it stay submerged for about ten (10) to twenty (20) seconds. If you just finished applying nail paint and started to clean it, you will notice that within seconds most of the paint will start to come out.

If some of the paint is starting to dry, gently move the nail art brush around and wag it smoothly. Allow the bristles of the brush to remain in the remover until you see that the attached polish is completely removed. just don’t drive the brush hard you may blend the brush hairs.

After that, take a clean paper towel or cotton cloth and lay it down on the surface and then remove the brushes from the remover. After that place, the brushes on the towel and clean them so that the paint is completely removed from the brushes.

Take a few drops of cuticle oil into a plate and wipe the bristles of your clean brush in the oil. Then tap the brush on a clean towel to get rid of excess oil.

2: Using Alcohol to Clean Gel Brushes

Soak a cotton pad in isopropyl alcohol. Pour enough amount of isopropyl alcohol carefully on it to soak the pad entirely. Then, lay it down on a clean surface.
71% of isopropyl alcohol, 99% of isopropyl alcohol, and rubbing alcohol are sufficient for cleansing paint from nail paint brushes.

One of the best ways to stop gel polish from sticking up into your brushes is to brush it on the pad socked with alcohol after doing every nail art design. You just need to wipe both sides of the brush onto the pad to remove the nail paint. Then, you can keep painting the nails professionally.

Using Alcohol to Clean Gel Brushes
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3: Using monomer to Clean Gel Brushes

Choose a shallow container or bowl or you may have a separate bottle to fill with some monomer nail liquid. Place your brushes in this container to soak the brushes and let them soak for between 2 hours to overnight. It all relies on the condition of your brushes. After this, gently rinse the bristles of paint brushes with warm water.

Put the brushes horizontally on a clean towel or cotton paper to allow them to dry naturally.
After drying, soak them again in a fresh monomer liquid for another 2 hours.
Again dry them on a clean towel just like earlier. This method is a great way to remove the most stubborn nail paint stuck into your acrylic brushes.

Some Tips for nail art brushes

  • Clean nail art brushes immediately after nail art.
  • Never leave the nail art brush in the nail remover for a long time.
  • Never swirl the brush in a pot or dish to clean it. This will cause the bristles of the brush to separate.
  • Don’t clean the brushes with a hard hand.
  • Rub them, tap them or clean them gently.
  • If the bristles are falling off, stop using the brush.
  • Don’t apply a lot of pressure while cleaning a brush.

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