5 Benefits Why Collagen Is Important for Hair Growth

5 Reasons Why Collagen Is Important for Hair Growth
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Collagen Is Important for Hair Growth as well as Collagen is probably more significant than people could ever realize for our overall health. And when people aren’t getting. Collagen, and the right type of collagen, their body suffers for it. Think about how many people today have joint-related issues. Well, your joints, your connective tissue, they’re all made up of collagen.

Our skin, hair, nails, Gut lining, arterial walls, and a lot more areas than that, are all made up of collagen. And our body needs building blocks of what makes up collagen- its proline, glycine, and hydroxyproline.

Those are amino acids that makeup collagen. And if we’re not getting those amino acids in our body, our body is missing the building blocks to regenerate and create these new healthy cells and tissue. So, we need to be getting collagen every single day.

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Why Collagen Is Necessary For Hair Growth?

collagen makes a big difference about 75 to 30 percent of our skin is made of collagen and it is the glue that holds everything together so by everything I mean everything so your bones, joints, ligaments tendons, skin, nails, eyes, and your internal organs that’s a lot but the most important thing and yes collagen is necessary for hair growth because

It protects the lining of our gut and yes our gut and our hair are connected in some way. If our gut is not performing the way it then it really does affect our hair so this is where we can say collagen is important element for hair growth. Just as soil provides structure to growing plants collagen provides for our hair growth.

Its infrastructure to function correctly hair follicles their sportive glands and the blood vessels that feed them newtons are all supported by collagen found in the dermal layer. collagen ensures a vital communication pathway between the hair stem cells and the germinating of cells deep within the hair root this communication pathway is an essential component of hair regrowth.

5 Benefits Why Collagen Is Important for Hair Growth:

There are many benefits of collagen to the skin as well as hairs but if you add collagen into your hair care routine that can be quite advantageous.

1. Benefit Of Collagen For Hair Loss

benefit of collagen for hair lose
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Nowadays, along with women, men’s hair is also falling rapidly. As we grow with age natural oils in your collagen and your body is starting to fall, with this downfall it’s not feeding the bulb of your hair which is where healthy hair begins.

Now we’ve just started to learn that actually, healthy hair starts to be inside, it’s not just on the outside of your shampoo so when the bulb of your hair is not receiving natural oils and collagen yeah actually that is really the major loss and main cause of hair loss and collagen is the main structure and it’s a protein that forms the connective tissue in our body. That’s why collagen is important for hair growth and works against hair loss.

2. Benefit of Collagen For Gray Hair

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As we age the color of our hair turned gray. We can use collagen for gray hair. Collagen may help to improve gray hair .because of its antioxidant effects, collagen may be capable to fight against cell damage and the hair-graying process.

Free radicals damage the cell and produce hair color. collagen contains antioxidants that fight against cell damage and make the process of graying color slow. Thus collagen for gray hair is also beneficial.

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3. Benefit Of Collagen It Controls Hair Thinning

Our skin has three layers the epidermis which is the outermost layer. The dermis is our middle layer and the connective tissue layer the dermis is the largest layer comprising 90% of the skin and
collagen build up 70% of the dermis. This middle layer holds the roots of the hairs.

collagen helps to make the strength of your dermis. With the passage of age, our body becomes less competent at making collagen and refilling cells in the dermis. This may be one of the reasons why hair gets thinner with time. That’s why supplying your body with collagen may support maintaining a healthy dermis that can control hair thinning problems.

4. Benefit Of Collagen For Damage to Hair

There may be many causes for damaged hair but the main reason for hair damage can be free radicals. Free radicals develop in our body because of stress, poor diet, smoking and there may be many other causes of hair damage. collagen may work as an antioxidant to fight against free radicals free radical.

Free radicals damage hair follicles that cause hair damage. With time, our body’s defense system against free radicals becomes more defenseless and as a result of this, we got problems in fighting against this free radical damage. Thus to build healthy hair our body need antioxidants which collagen may contain. Collagen may work as an antioxidant yes we can say collagen is important for hair growth.

5. Benefit Of Collagen Hair Regrowth

Collagen is one of the building blocks which is essential for our body and helps to produce keratin, the protein that causes to grow up the hair. The more collagen our body will receive, the more comfortable it will be to start hair regrowth. When our body fails to produce collagen due to age, collagen supplements can help to fulfill this need and keep hair growing.

Best Collagen For Hair Growth

There is no shortage of Collagen in the market whose companies claim to be the best but which one is best is hard to find. Here we will share some best collagen for hair growth.

Following is the list of best collagen for hair growth:

How Much Collagen Per Day For Hair Growth :

There are many benefits of collagen no doubt it is a very essential protein for our hair as well as our body overall.

It is advised to be careful while taking supplements don’t take an extra dose of collagen as it can lead to side effects too.
If you’re thinking to add a collagen supplement to your routine, consult with a doctor, nutritionist, or dermatologist to ensure if it is a good option for you or not. In other words, try to carry the advised dosage of collagen.

Food That Contains Collagen :

You can also take collagen into your routine by eating more foods that contain natural collagen in it. Following are Some food that contains collagen:

  • Chicken
  • Nuts
  • Egg whites
  • Salmon
  • Beans
  • Leafy greens


Having a certain amount of collagen in the body is very important for healthy hair. But there is still no definitive opinion on whether collagen works completely for hair. Yes, but the importance of collagen for hair cannot be denied. But According to the studies and research we can say confidently that Collagen is important for hair growth.

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