Can a perm make your hair fall out?

Can a perm make your hair fall out

Can a perm make your hair fall out? It is a question many of us want to know about its answer. It can be fun to experiment with different hair looks. Be it hair coloring or hair cutting or any style. But by adopting these styles it is important to know what danger your hair may face.

Changing the color or texture of your hair can happen due to some kind of danger, so it is good to consider the current condition of the hair before doing any experiment.

In the following, we will discuss just perm things, like what is perm and can a perm cause your hair fall out, and many other things related to perms.

What is a hair perm?

hair perm
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hair perm
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First of all, we should know what is sperm. I am sure you already know that perm gives volume to our hair and makes them curly. These treatments are complete with curling tools, chemicals, and other materials such as curling rods and different combinations of chemicals and heat to make curly hair curlier.

This process is considered to be permanent, as it involves different types of chemicals that gradually wear off over time, so after some time the perm needs to be reprocessed. Perms stay on the hair for about three to eight months depending on the health of the hair length and various factors.

Can a perm make your hair fall out?

Unfortunately, this question cannot be answered with a yes or no. Because if you perm your hair with professional and good products then the chances of damage to your hair are less but the damage to your hair has different causes.

However, there can be two reasons for hair loss due to perm, one is that you are not getting the perm done by a professional and the other is that these chemicals are being applied to already weak hair. And one of the solid answers to the question¬†Can a perm cause your hair to fall out ?¬†may be that these processes are not being performed properly. Let’s know it in detail

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Misuse of chemical damage your scalp :

Alkaline pH is used in the chemicals used while perming the hair. Therefore, if these chemicals are not applied professionally or are not mixed well, they can damage the scalp.

In this way, the scalp may be burnt by chemicals and the hair will fall out from the root. Where the skin is affected there is no possibility of developing hair again. As such, it can lead to permanent baldness, but this type of hair fall caused by perms is less common.

Breakage of the hair and dryness :

Excessive use of bleach or perm on hair can dry it out. The chemicals in bleach cause hair dryness and breaking. As it may not cause hair loss of the full strand, and it is not permanent baldness. But it weakens your hair so much that it starts to break and become think and leads to hair falling out.

These elements of chemicals are more harmful to the hair that has already been processed, colored, or bleached. Hairs that use heat tools for styling on daily basis are affected quickly by perm. The pleasing information is that this type of hair fall due to perm is temporary, and new strands will grow back with time.

Tips on how to avoid hair fall due to perms :

There are many ways that may be helpful to you in reducing the risk of hair damage and hair loss. Trying to do a perm yourself at home can be dangerous for the hair while also being a tricky job.

  • First and foremost, you should choose a professional to style your hair. A hair stylist and professional make sure that the chemicals applied to the hair are properly applied and used in a way that causes the least damage to the hair. Perming your hair at home without a professional increases the risks to your hair.
  • Secondly, an important thing is that stylists and professionals will be able to assess the current condition and texture of the hair. And they can give you an honest opinion on whether your hair is ready for a perm or not. A professional will look at your hair to determine if it can handle the chemicals in the perm and its heat without breaking. If they advise you that your hair can’t handle it, it’s better to listen to them and not get that perm on your hair and get the perm after you’ve improved the condition of your hair.
  • Another tip on how to avoid hair fall due to perms is to make sure your scalp is healthy. It is very important to make sure that you do not have any kind of cuts or irritation on your scalp otherwise you may end up with a lot of damage to your scalp. Once you get your hair done with the perm, we recommend that you don’t use the heat too much. It is recommended to keep the temperature of heated tools below 300 degrees.

Health prescription for hair fall after treatments :

If your hair is falling out more after getting a perm, you should consult a good doctor so that the experts can determine whether the cause of hair loss is genetic or if this hair fall has started due to the chemical treatment of the perm. If these treatments are caused hair loss, then you will need to consult a hair specialist or a doctor and pay attention and look out for the health of your hair.


Can a perm cause permanent hair loss?

Sometimes hair loss may start after perming, but permanent hair loss due to perm is rarely seen.

Should I get a perm if my hair is thin?

Before treating your hair, consider the health and texture of your hair. If your hair is weak or unhealthy or thin, you should be careful with a perm.

Which perm is best for thin hair?

Acid perms are good for thin hair it will not damage your hair like others.

How much length do you lose with a perm?

If you are going for a perm you will sacrifice 25% to 30% length of your hair.

Do perms damage men’s hair?

If you think perms will treat differently with men’s and women’s hair then you are wrong it will work the same for men as women.

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