Can I Oil My Hair After Coloring + 5 Benefits Of Coconut Oil

Can I Oil My Hair After Coloring

Can you oil your hair after coloring? Dyeing the hairs in different bright colors like blue yellow and gold is surely very fun. But many people get confused about how to care for them after dyeing them. Some people stop applying oil after dyeing it, and today in this article we will discuss it.

Many people are confused about how to maintain their color for a long and also how to maintain the health of it. Here we will share with you various aspects that will help you to take care of your hair’s health and at the same time protect them from damage.

Can I oil my hair after coloring?

The simple answer to this question is !! you can apply oil even after coloring to maintain its shine and original texture. This process helps to get rid of the damage caused to your tresses. But, it is advised to wait 2 to 3 days at least before oiling, because this time lets the dye stick nicely.

oiling does not make it dull and dry and also it prevents it from drying out. While oiling gives moisture and strengths it. Massaging the scalp makes the color last longer. But you are advised to use semi-permanent color. Because applying such colors causes minimal damage to the hair and these colors do not prove to be very dangerous.

Does oil fade color?

Many people say that oiling has lightened their color. To find out what is the cause of lightning, first of all, it is important to know what oil they are using and how are using it. For example, some people use heated-oil as a treatment.

Hot oiling to will gradually fade the color. In addition, olive-oil can also removes color. The molecules in the it go into the depth and these molecules may cause the faded color.

How Can I oil after coloring?

Can I Oil My Hair After Coloring
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After getting the answer to oiling your hair after coloring the next question may appear How Can you massage after coloring? The process of applying it to colored-hair is following.

Applying it after coloring is important to maintain the health of it. Oiling just before a day of your shampooing is advised. Postpone for at least 2 days after coloring to let the color stay in the hair. Then, observe these steps on how to apply it after coloringin the correct manner:

  • First of all, wash it and the scalp thoroughly with water to remove the over left dye from the hair.
  • In the second step, detangle with the help of an open comb.
  • Then apply the oil to with the help of your fingers and spread it with the help of your palm well into the scalp and hair.
  • Make sure that the it reaches the roots and ends.
  • After this cover your head with a shower cap and wait for 2 to 3 hours.
  • After this wait, wash your it in normal water.
  • Don’t forget to apply a good conditioner to make your hair moist.

Which oil is best for colored-hair?

Can I Oil My Hair After Coloring
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Regardless of whether the hair is colored or not, oiling is essential. It plays an important role in growth and health. Now to know which is best for colored-hair. Applying oil to colored-hair is like deep conditioning. While you can choose any hair-oil just as argan oil, coconut oil, almond oil, or castor oil. But, among these, coconut oil is considered the best.

Lauric acid is found in coconut oil in rich amounts. As such, it decreases the risk of protein loss from hair when applied pre or post-wash. It contains molecules with low weight which enables it to diffuse into the hair shaft smoothly. Thus, coconut oil provides more satisfactory protection than other oils.

Benefits of applying coconut oil on colored hair

  • There are many benefits of applying coconut oil to colored hair, some of which are listed below.
  • It becomes dull and lifeless after some time of coloring, but applying coconut oil will keep your hair looking healthy and attractive for a long time.
  • Coconut oil helps to keep these colors in your hair for longer. Applying coconut to dyed hair will make combing easier.
  • Tresses of your hair will become smooth and silky
  • In addition, coconut oil also helps to remove the chemical damage caused by hair dyes.
How To Take Care Of Coloured Hair
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How To Take Care Of Colored Hair?

By coloring, you change the original texture of your hair and apply an artificial color. If it is not taken care of properly, the color does not stay for long and quickly fades or disappears. Here we will share with you some precautions that you can take to make your color last longer and also protect your hair from damage.

1. Do not Wash Your Hair Instantly

When we dye , during this time the cuticles open, it takes one to two days for the cuticle to close, so you should take care not to wash immediately after dyeing. The more time you give the hair after coloring, the better the color will sit in.

Because it causes the hair color to fade. By doing this, the color will last longer in your hair, so make a decision after at least two to three days. Also, avoid washing your hair too often because the more you wash your hair, the faster the color will fade.

2. Use a shampoo that claims color protection

Most of the shampoos and conditioners available on the market contain ingredients like sulfates and sodium, which cleanse the hair deeply while also stripping the hair of its natural moisture, and leaving hair dry and brittle.
These types of shampoos are particularly damaging to colored hair as they strip the hair of color and shine. So, use a shampoo that is color protected for colored hair which will keep the color long and protects hair from various damages. Also always choose a shampoo that is free from sulfates and other harsh chemicals.

3. Always protect hair from heat

Heat is harmful to any type of hair, even the sun’s rays can be harmful to your hair in the summer. Similarly, using heating tools on your hair can also discolor your hair and leave your hair dry and brittle.
So take care to avoid them as much as possible and use these tools at low temperatures. You can also use heat-protectant products to protect your hair from heat before using the styling tool on your hair.

4. Don’t forget to condition your colored hair

The conditioner makes the colored hair smooth, shiny, and healthy. It makes a protective layer over the shafts that hold the dye fresh and shining for a longer time.

You can also do the deep conditioning remedy once a week. It will help to make your hair smoothens and healthier by adding an extra amount of nutrients to the colored hair.

Bottom Lines

The short answer to this question Can i oil my hair after coloring is that, it is very essential for the good health of our hair. When hair suffers from different chemical process they need more attention and care. Oil makes our hair healthier and provides moisture to our hair. When we colored our hair, hair may get dry and harder and in that situation, oil provides moisturizer to the hair. Coconut oil is one of the amazing oil you can use for your hair.

It has amazing facts and benefits. It is advised to use oil after 2 to 3 days of coloring. When you colored it you should take care of it after this process. You should not wash daily or instantly when you wash it don’t forget to conditioner, it is recommended to use shampoos that are made for coloring-hair they will protect your color for a long.

The most important thing is this you don’t use too much heat on your hair and always use heat protection before using heat tools on your hair.

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