How Does Smoking Make Your Hair Fall Out

How Does Smoking Make Your Hair Fall Out
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If you are looking for an answer about how Does Smoking Make Your Hair Fall Out and all details related to smoking and hair fall, read constantly you will surely find your answer here.

Smoking And Hair Fall

If you are a smoker and your hair is also weak, then smoking is probably the cause of weak and thin hair somewhere. You must know that smoking is ineffective for our health. Yes, Smoking cigarettes has many negative effects on our body, it damages our lungs badly, but at the same time, do you know that it can also be harmful to our hair and smoking make your hair fall out? According to many scientific studies, the habit of smoking cigarettes affects our hair in different ways and impacts our hair badly, and also causes hair to fall out.

According to a study by NCBI, tobacco smoke holds more than 7,000 chemicals, and at least 69 are known to generate cancer germs. When you breathe in the air these chemicals can travel from your lungs to your bloodstream. When it becomes part of your blood, it can reach other parts of your body and harm your health.

One of the negative effect of this that few people know about is smoking make your hair fall out. It is not clear yet why smoking is linked with hair fall but yes, according to some studies many factors cause for hair fall.

Does Smoking Make Your Hair Fall Out

Yes !! smoking makes your hair fall out. we will discuss how smoking causes hair falls out.

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How does smoking cause hair loss

Smoking can potentially damage your hair follicles and expand the risk of conceiving hair loss. According to a study, some researchers discovered that 425 out of 500 people who smoke faced some degree of hair loss on the other hand only 200 of 500 people who don’t smoke revealed signs of hair loss.

The experimenters figured that nicotine and corresponding chemicals could be the cause of expedited hair loss, but more research is still going on this theory.
Smoking can increase oxidative stress which can reduce the flow of the blood to hair follicles which can countable to hair loss due to smoking.

Oxidative stress caused by smoking

Smoking increases your body’s production of free radicals. Free radicals are molecules that react to other molecules easily in your body and can provoke damage to the DNA of your cells.
Exposure to tobacco smoke, pollution, and radiation can all potentially cause oxidative stress.
Oxidative stress happens when free radicals cells increases in your body and smoking increase the presentation of free radicals.

Some studies and research shows that harmful chemicals which tobacco contains and its smoke may cause damage to the DNA of cells in the hair follicles. The damage to these cells can easily lead to damaged hair growth and this is how smoking makes your hair fall out.

Reduce blood circulation

 Oxygen, nutrients, and minerals are the needs of hair follicles to grow healthy hair. The toxic chemicals in tobacco smoke contain can negatively affect on circulation of blood vessels and restrain the flow of blood. When the blood doesn’t reach the hair follicles and your follicles don’t receive the need for nourishment, the cycle of hair growth got interrupted.

Any disturbance to this hair growth cycle can cause detectable hair loss. This is the second reason of how does smoking make your hair fall out.

Smoking leads to a weakened immune system

Tobacco smoking may seriously damage your immune system, which can cause hair loss due to diseases or illnesses. A weak immune system allows for to overgrowth of bacteria and fungi.
Due to this, there may be chances of a bacterial or fungal infection on your scalp, both of these reasons can prevent your follicles from growing healthy hair. And in this way smoking may cause your hair to fall out.

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Other ways smoking may affect your hair’s health

There are many other ways smoking makes your hair fall out.

Graying of hair :

According to a study, there is evidence that the process of graying hair before the age of thirty is somehow related to smoking.

Face problem during hair transplant :

A study has also revealed that people who smoke can have many complications if they undergo a hair transplant, such as dying of scalp tissue.

Reduce collagen production:

Smoking reduces blood flow, which reduces the production of collagen in the hair and leads to poor hair condition.

Hair dryness at an early age:

As we mentioned above, smoking causes oxidative stress and causes hair to age faster, which leads to hair becoming dry at an early age.

Hair loss caused by smoking can come back?

The damage that smoking can do to your body can be reversed, but it is not clear whether or not smoking can bring back your hair loss. Yes, if you quit smoking, your hair starts to grow, and it also improves the quality of your hair.

It has often been seen that people who have thin hair are capable to achieve positive change with their hair. So quitting smoking can’t reverse hair loss. Yes, but your hair may improve after quitting smoking.


How to use tobacco for hair growth?

Smoking tobacco affects your hair and follicles badly. Its use can be a major cause of hair loss, so you can’t use tobacco for hair growth.

How long does it take for hair to grow back after quitting smoking?

Remember that temporary hair fall will not react to these actions. But air loss due to smoking will recover within six to nine months.

Does quitting smoking help hair growth?

Just as smoking has many negative effects on your hair, quitting smoking has many positive effects on your hair. So quitting smoking help with your hair growth.

What changes hair before and after quitting smoking

You will notice a big change after quitting smoking. Smoking causes your to fall out and become lifeless, rough, and dull. But after quitting smoking your hair becomes stronger, thicker, and more beautiful

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