How Long After a Perm Can You Wash Your Hair + Types Of Hair Perm

How Long After a Perm Can You Wash Your Hair
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before and after hair perm
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Perms can be applied using thermal or chemicals. Hair perm is the process of hairstyle that uses chemical products. Perms take hair from straight to curly or curly to straight permanently. There are many types of perms available today and they don’t all relate to hair. For sample, a lash perm like the name suggests adds a lift or curl to your eyelashes for a few months long. In this article, we will discuss the term “How Long After a Perm Can You Wash Your Hair” or types of perm.

How to wash hair after a perm

If you want to get your hair perm, here are some important guidelines and instructions for you about washing hair after a perm and taking care of permed hair that you should know.

1. How Long After a Perm Can You Wash Your Hair

One rule you might have heard is “How Long After a Perm you can Wash Your Hair”. According to Stylists, you have to wait at least 48 hours before using shampoo on your perm hair. Frankie Cochrane also suggests that wait at least 72 hours if you can otherwise 48 hours is a must to wait.

What happened if you wash your perm hair before 48 hours?

Washing perm hair before 48 hours can damage your curls but also increase frizziness. Hence salons also advise their customers to wait for 48 hours before using shampoo and water. Your perm hair is at great risk of hair harm and irregular curls if you don’t wait that long before using a cleanser or shampoo.

The reason is the chemicals used to assemble your curls can destroy some of the keratin chains in your hair. Regardless, because you can’t wash your hair doesn’t mean that you don’t have some option. if you feel dirty before the 2 days and need to take shower.

If your scalp is dirty, you can use dry shampoo to help but Be sure you only use products that are safe for permed hair suggested by your hairdressers, though, because it’s essential to treat your hair gently after this procedure. So, the answer to this question “How Long After a Perm Can You Wash Your Hair” is you can wash your hair after 48 HOURS of perm.

2. Can We use any shampoo after a hair perm?

Hair perm is safe but Perms can dry out your hair, and it’s important to use hydrating products to fight this damage. Once you’ve gotten a perm, it’s a good idea to use an appropriate shampoo and conditioner to control it.

So, the final answer to the question “can we use any shampoo after a hair perm” the answer is no you can use hydrating shampoo or conditioner after the perm.

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3. Can we blow dry your hair after a perm?

whereas you may have to pay attention to clean your hair after a perm Using blow dry on your oerm hair will have the exact effects on your hair as before. So there is a big no you can not use the blow dry on perm hair. Heat can lead to hair breakage, dryness, dullness, and split end.

Blow-drying your perm hair isn’t recommended, but is still possible. If you must style your hair, make sure you use a spray or leave-in conditioner to prevent or reduce frizziness.

4. Can we use hair oil after a hair perm?

Most hair stylists and professionals advise that you can use oil on your perm hair after a week. But you can safely use oil on your permed hair after that. Using oil on your hair before hair washing can keep your hair well-moisturized and effortless. You should be aware that perming your hair can change the texture, and cause damage to your hair that is irreversible.

You need to be respectful of your hair and not risk damaging it. You can be perming with caution, and speak to your hairdresser or stylist about any doubts you might have – they can provide specialized guidance for taking care of your hair for a long time.

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5. Build your hair care routine after a perm?

It is very necessary to follow a hair care routine that can deeply moisturize your strand after a hair perm. Hydration can reduce the ill consequences of severe chemicals and put an end to dryness, fizziness, and dullness. You can add these types of hair care routines to your hair care routine after getting a permanent one.

  • Use deep moisturizing shampoo and conditioner
  • Use natural oil on your hair before taking a shower
  • Use a leave-in conditioner.

Types of Hair Perm

There are 9 different types of hair perm with pictures.

1. Root perm

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Root hair perm is basically for thin or low-volume hair. root perm is done only on the roots of the hair. Root perm is the best treatment to add natural volume to hair. root perm is also used if your already curly perm hair grows and you need to perm your root hair.

But the result of a root hair perm is only one month because of the growth of the hair. after one month you again need to do root perm. You can wash your hair after 48 hours of taking hair perm.

2. Body Wave Perm

Body Wave Perm
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body wave perm
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The body wave perm is for people with straight hair who want some curl in the mid of the hair. body wave perm is one of the most famous choices these days as it gives people the wavy, volumized strand that they want without assembling tight curls. Your hairdresser will use much larger rods than those that are used for the spiral perm.

body perm waves produce an extremely natural look and don’t need nearly as much maintenance as the spiral perm does. It is a fantastic option if you have naturally straight hair that has a tough time holding a curl so you can go with the body wave perm process. If your hair curl tends to go flat after 2-3 hours, So, a body wave perm will help prevent that.

Nevertheless, you will like to stay away from curling irons or straighteners as these will ruin your new curls. Your body wave perm should last from three to five months with the growth of the hair.

4. Spiral Perm

Spiral Perm
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Spiral Perm
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The spiral perm is likely the best-known type for creating very tight curls. This style is especially best for people with very healthy hair because a strong chemical solution will be used to create tight curls.
Separately curl expands from the root to the tip of each hair follicle. After 48 hours you can wash your hair after a perm.

If you want to do a spiral perm then you should have at least eight inches of hair before getting this perm because a tight curl can shorten the length of the hair. However, with appropriate hair care, your perm should last up to 6-7 months.

5. Multi-Textured Perm

multi textured perm
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The multi-textured perm creates one of the most natural, tightly curled looks. There are many methods to achieve a multi-textured perm. Your hairdresser may use standard rods with size to even more curl shapes, or they may use fabric or soft rollers. After 48 hours you can wash your hair after a perm.

Multi-textured perm hairstyle should only be chosen by those with medium to long hair as it creates tight curls. Your hair after multi-textured perm treatment will look bouncy and highly textured. The hairstyle should last several months, nevertheless, with proper haircare and styling products.

6. Spot Perm

spot perm
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Spot perm is one of the most popular hair perm types in this perm style only one part of the hair is permed. In this method, we perm the middle hair part with a light perm to give volume. It is basically a good idea to volume the thin hair. After 48 hours you can wash your hair after a perm. Spot perm should last for 1 – 2 years if you take care of your hair then I will remain more than 2 years.

7. Digital Perm

digital perm
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digital perm is a perm that uses hot rods with the temperature controlled by a machine with a digital display, thus the name show. The method is otherwise identical to that of a standard perm. Stylists usually call it a “hot perm”.The difference between digital perm and normal perm is we use chemicals in normal perm and in digital perm we use the digital machine.

A normal perm basically requires only the perm solution but a digital perm requires a digital perm device or machine. The digital perm process requires several hours or a full day. A digital perm needs a different solution plus temperature. This type of perm is famous in different countries, especially in South Korea and Japan. After 48 hours you can wash your hair after a perm.

8. Volumizing Perm

volumizing perm
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volumizing perm
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As the name shows, volumizing perm produces more volume rather than tight curls. Volumizing perm uses the same process rodes and chemicals that are used in a spiral perm or normal perm The difference is that the chemicals are applied after the perm rods and removed when they are still in the hair. After 48 hours you can wash your hair after a perm. Volumizing perm is suitable for short and long hairs. the volumizing perm only lasts for 6-7 months.

9. Stack Perm

stack perm hair
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The stack perm is a kind of permanent wave which is invented for women with hair that has been cut to a single length. The stack perm is one of the highly natural-looking choices that keeps the roots of your hair a bit straighter and the ends of the hair more curled. After 48 hours you can wash your hair after a perm.

Stack perm hairstyle is created by using a variety of perm rod sizes, the curls will look very realistic. Stack perm lasting for up to 6 months with little more than regular deep conditioning treatments. Stack perm hair needs proper hair care.

10. Straight Perm

Straight hair Perm
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Straight Perm
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A straight hair perm is a chemical perm to make hair straight naturally and permanently. This is one of the unique perm hairstyles all the other perm curl the hair but this perm converts the curled hair to straight hair. After 48 hours you can wash your hair after a perm. Once your hair is straightened with this straight perm hairstyle, then your hair will look much longer than it did.

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