How Long Is Laser Hair Removal Session

How Long Is Laser Hair Removal Session

If you have a massive body or facial hair growth and are tired of waxing and shaving, then laser hair removal treatment is best for you. Laser hair removal treatment is the permanent solution to unwanted hair.
How Long Is Laser Hair Removal Session? How many sessions are required to get rid of unwanted hair? That is one of the frequently asked questions that hair removal professionals and advisers hear. The answer is that

“It totally depends on your hair growth”.

How Long Is Laser Hair Removal Session

The laser hair removal process kills the hair follicle with a concentrated pulse of laser light. The stains in the hair absorb the light, which considerably damages the hair strand. If the hair is in the growth stage, it can permanently damage the follicle, generating it useless.

Over the period, the fur will die, and the hair will fall out. It leaves the surrounding skin undamaged, though some clients get a bit of temporary discoloration. You will have to use aloe vera gel after laser treatment.

The actual length of the treatment session mainly depends on the body part being treated. Laser hair reduction can only cover a small area on a single pulse.

Body PartTime Require
Upper lip laser5 – 6 minutes
Sideburn laser10 – 12 minutes
full face laser30 minutes
full legs laser25 -30 minutes
back side laser25 munites
full arms laser30 minutes
underarm Laser15 minutes
Bikini laser1 hour
full body laser2 – 3 hour

how many laser hair removal sessions are needed

Everyone’s body has different hair growth rates, and various biological factors can impact how many sessions you need to remove or slow down the growth of your unwanted hair. Clients commonly need about two to six laser treatments to remove hair.

After your first laser hair removal session, you can expect a 5% to 10% reduction in hair. As you continue your sessions, more and more hair will fall out, and you will notice that it persists in growing back more slowly.

Almost 6 laser hair removal sessions are a must for everyone. After six sessions, you can check your hair growth. If you are happy with that, you can quit the session. If you think you need 3 to 4 sessions, you can continue with the gap of 2 months.


can you get laser hair removal if you have herpes?

herpas virus
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People with a history of herpes on the mouth or body, like cold sores (oral herpes simplex infection), must take preventative anti-herpes medicine such as acyclovir before laser hair removal.

You will not take a facial laser if you have cold sores around the mouth. It’s not recommended first treat your cold sore, then take a facial laser. If you have herpes on your body, then please treat your herpes first before taking body laser hair removal treatment.

How to treat cold sores

treatment for cold sore

Can diabetics get laser hair removal?

Things get slightly more complicated regarding hair removal for people with diabetes. This is mainly because people with diabetes have more sensitive skin and are usually prone to injury and infection, so they need to be more cautious with their hair removal.

People with diabetes can feel more pain with laser hair removal due to sensitive nerves and tissues and are usually more susceptible to infections due to the slowly recovering response.

So the answer is people with diabetes cannot take laser hair removal treatment because it can be harmful.

Does laser hair removal hurt more than a tattoo?

Laser hair removal is not more painful than a tattoo. But both treatments depend on the area of the body where the pain and sensation are worse. The sensations of laser hair removal versus a tattoo are different; any discomfort experienced depends on the individual’s pain tolerance.

However, most people think laser hair removal is less painful than getting a tattoo as there is no physical skin penetration by a needle. Laser hair removal treatment creates a slite pain, or sometimes there is a painless.

Bottom Lines

In this article, we ANSWER common questions like “How Long Is Laser Hair Removal Session.” it depends on the area being treated. If the body part is small, like the upper lip, it will take less time, and if the body part is large, like the legs, back, or whole body, it will take approximately 2 hours.

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