Is Coconut Oil Good For Curly Hair?

Is Coconut Oil Good For Curly Hair

Is coconut oil good for curly hair? If you are looking for an answer to this question…HURRAY!!! you are at the right place. Coconut oil is one of the great things you can use for almost anything. It can be used as cooking oil, and lip balm and even you can add it to your skincare product as a moisturizer for your skin. But can we use it for naturally curly hair or not?

Coconut oil is very beneficial for curly hair as it controls roughness and dryness of your hair and helps in maintaining healthy hair. Coconut oil is useful to control the frizz of the hair.

Many people are confused about whether coconut oil is really good for hair or not. Today we will discuss and try to clear many misconceptions about coconut oil and curly hair.

For hundreds of years, people have been using coconut oil as a conditioner for their hair. If you’ve noticed, coconut oil will appear on the ingredient list of many skin products as well as hair products.

What is coconut oil?

Coconut oil is a natural source of oil that has multiple benefits for hair, skin, and nails. It is obtained from the ripened and matured coconut extracts that are pressed down to obtain oil from it. Coconut oil will be thick and in a solid form if it is in a cooler place or temperature. You usually see it as a white substance in jars in a thick form. Coconut oil is full of fatty acids that are beneficial and also loved by curly hair.

Coconut oil benefits for curly hair

There are multiple benefits of using coconut oil for curly hair. It works to make :

  • Moisten hair
  • Strengthen hair
  • Decrease breakage
  • Nourishment of the scalp
  • Decline protein loss problem
  • Coconut oil speeds up hair growth indirectly by decreasing hair breakage.
  • Coconut oil is one of the few competent oils that truly moisten your curly hair. It just doesn’t work on top of the hair also it can serve as both a penetrating oil as well as a sealant.

Is coconut oil good for curly hair?

Coconut oil works amazingly for curly hair as it sinks deeply into the hair shaft to add moistness. Also, it helps to decrease the loss of protein, add moisturizer, and improve the strength of hair. As a result of this increases shine, increase softness, and control frizz. Coconut oil is especially useful for curly hair that is dry or damaged.

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Different ways to use coconut oil for curly hair

Coconut oil can be used in different ways for curly hair but sometimes there is a possibility that it may not work for your hair. We suggest you give one or two try coconut oil to your hair to notice whether it does work for your hair or not.
Some people have such types of curly hair that experience dryness while using coconut oil.
This issue happens sometimes for low porosity curly hair that has to struggle to keep moistness.

1. Pee-poo coconut overnight

If you have colored hair or have damaged or naturally curly hair, it is better to shampoo your hair as little as possible. Or wash your hair once or twice a week.
When you wash your hair with the shampoos available on the market, most of the shampoos also strip the natural oils from the hair because they often contain heavy amounts of sulfates.

Sulfate strips away our natural oils, which can be very damaging to curly hair. While sulfate-free shampoos do not strip the natural oils from our hair and are less damaging to the hair. Therefore, it is recommended to always use sulfate-free shampoos for curly hair and before shampooing your hair it is advised to do overnight coconut oil treatment which is also known as pre-poo. It will be very useful for your curly hair to make them moist and shiny.

How to pre-poo curly hair?

Take a little amount of coconut oil on your palm and rub it then apply it to your hair to make the tangles soften. After this rub a little amount of oil and apply it over the length of your curly hair.
Make your hair soften wait for some minutes and detangle your hair. Cover your head with a shower cap and leave it for at least 2 to 3 hours but it is advised to do this treatment overnight. you can wear a warm towel to let it sink into your scalp. After this wash it completely and go with your routine.

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2. Treatment of the scalp with coconut oil

Are you suffering from a dry and itchy scalp or facing dandruff? Massage with coconut oil may help to rid this problem. you just need to take some amount of coconut oil on your palm and rub it to make it soften and massage your scalp with a soft hand. Use your finger softly while doing massage. After massaging wait 30 to 60 minutes if you need and wash it out. This treatment may be helpful to treat this issue.

3. Use serum

Frizz can be controlled by using coconut oil. You can add shine to your hair with a little amount of coconut oil. After applying all styling products to your hair give the last touch of coconut oil serum. Apply one or two drops over the length and upper area of your hair.

4. Use coconut oil as a leave-in

Coconut oil can be used for curly hair as a leave-in for long-lasting moisturization and hydration. As a pre-poo treatment, it may work as a leave-in also you may apply it to your hair before styling it will stay all day as a leave-in.

As curly hair have many types coconut oil may work for some and in some cases, it may not work so as we mentioned earlier give it try one to two time to see is workable for your curly hair or not. If coconut oil is not working for your curly hair you may replace it with other oil just like avocado or sunflower etc.

Coconut oil for frizzy hair

There are two types of oil one type sinks into the scalp and the other type remains over the hair. Coconut oil luckily falls in both types of oils. It is able to penetrate the hair and also it can remain on the hair. This layer on the hair provides moistness and hydration as well as gives shine to your hair. This is the best answer to this question coconut oil is good for curly hair.


Following are questions with answers you have asked related to curly hair and coconut oil :

Is coconut oil bad for curly hair?

Coconut oil is amazing for curly hair but sometimes it may not work for your hair so it is important to give it try one to two times to see the results.

Is coconut oil good for frizzy hair?

The simple answer to this is YES !! coconut oil is really good to control frizz. It contains a rich amount of moisturizers that are useful for frizzy hair.

Does coconut oil make our hair greasy?

Yes, coconut oil can make your hair greasy if you use a high amount of it. If your hair gets easily greasy we advise you to take a little amount for your hair.

How to remove coconut oil from curly hair?

Of course, you will need to shampoo many times to get the coconut oil out of your curly hair. The stronger the shampoo you use, the faster it will remove oil from your curly hair. If you are pursuing the curly girl method and you have mild shampoos for curly hair or if you are doing co-wash for curly hair then it will take some time. And yes co-wash will not completely wash coconut oil out of your hair.

Can we use coconut oil as a conditioner?

If we see technically coconut oil can be used as a conditioner as it has fatty alcohols. But it will not be able to replace the conditioner you are using for curly hair. Because conditioner is manufactured with different ingredients which work especially for your curly hair to make them moist, and hydrated and enhance the health of your hair.

Does coconut oil help to improve hair growth?

Coconut oil work to control the breakage of your hair and hair can grow longer. It works indirectly to make hair growth better. But coconut oil does not boost directly hair growth.

How often should we use coconut oil for curly hair?

You can use coconut oil according to your need. Many people apply coconut oil 2 to 3 times in a week.

Is coconut oil curly girl approved?

In one word answer is YES. Coconut oil is curly girl-approved.

Can we apply coconut oil overnight?

Yes, you can do overnight treatment with coconut oil on your curly hair.

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