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onion hair oil

There is substantial proof to support that using onion hair oil or onion water for topical hair treatments can treat hair loss and promote hair growth. Onion oil is rich in nutrients like vitamin C, Vitamin E, vitamin B9, vitamin B6, potassium, and multiple other combinations. The benefits of hair onion oil have been associated with stronger hair roots, faster hair growth, control of hair fall, and an overall improved appearance of your hair texture.

For decades, onion oil for hair has provided hair with nourishment and care. This nutrient-rich onion oil can transform dull and weak hair by improving and nourishing its texture and restoring scalp health. Onion oil is suitable for all hair types, dry, oily, and regular, providing deep nourishment to the scalp and hair.

Onion water or oil enhances your hair’s look and makes them strong and shiny. Now, the question appears, how can you make onion oil for hair at home? In this article, we will answer all your doubts and explain how you can make and use this nourishing onion hair oil.

Benefits of Onion hair oil


1. Promote hair growth

Onion hair oil has specific Vitamin A, E, B6, B9, and potassium properties to promote hair growth. Onion hair oil can activate certain enzymes on your scalp and hair, which helps to promote fast hair growth. This results in rapid hair growth and controlled hair fall for a healthier-looking scalp and hair.

2. Treat dandruff

Onion oil and onion juice contain sulfur which is very helpful in treating hair dandruff. Take a small onion and mash it well, stain it, and the onion juice is ready to use. Apply that onion juice to your scalp with the help of a cotton pad. You can wash your hair after 1-2 hours. Repeat this process two times a week.

3. Fight with lices

onion oil for hair and Onion juice help to kill the lice. You can take out onion juice or oil and put it on the scalp for 1-2 hours. Then, you can remove the dead lice from your hair with the help of a comb. You must comb your hair with soft hands and then wash your hair. Using onion juice or onion hair oil on your scalp is one of the most helpful home remedies for lice prevention.

4. treat baldness

Onion juice or oil seemed to sound very strong for hair regrowth. I have seen it to be very effective in cases of alopecia areata and androgenic alopecia, so these are the juices extracted from onion, which are applied to the affected area for 15-20 minutes, or you can also use onion oil or juice overnight.

There is an irritation that actually helps in stimulation and later for a period of six to eight weeks. When you continue the process, the hair regrowth. Onion juice is beneficial because the juice extract contains sulfur that helps contribute to hair growth, bones, and nails.

5. Premature graying

Onion hair oil sounds powerful for turning premature gray hair into black hair. Proper use of onion hair spray or onion oil can turn your hair black. This oil has powerful nutrients for gray hair. Oil of onion can only work on premature gray hair, but if your hair is gray with age, then there is no natural product in the world to turn gray hair to black. For aged gray hair, you can use hair color.

6. Split ends

Split ends of the braids are a common problem; we often tend to cut them off, but onion oil is the best solution for split ends. Split ends reduce the length of the mane, making it look uneven. The sulfur components in onion hair oil prevent split ends, turn the hair softer, repair, and increase hair volume.

7. Natural Conditioner

Onion hair oil can easily blend well with any other carrier oil like almond or coconut oil and can be used as a carrier oil to reap its benefits. Regular massaging of this oil + coconut oil nurtures the scalp and acts as a conditioner for the hair, which can not only control dry and frizzy hair problems but also control hair fall and promotes hair regrowth. Apply this oil for 2-3 or overnight before showering.

8. prevents breakage and thinning

Onion hair oil is Rich in sulfur. Onion juice or oil can make hair strong and do marvels in controlling breakage and thinning of hair. This is because sulfur in onion juice or oil can form bonds in your hair that are needed to strengthen the strands and make hair strong.

9. balance pH level of the scalp

A balanced ph level of the scalp is the main point of healthy hair, and onion oil for hair or spray can help balance the pH levels of your scalp.

10. Blood circulation

Blood circulation is essential for hair regrowth or controlling hair fall. Onion hair oil or spray stimulates blood circulation that strengthens the hair roots and leads to the growth of new hair follicles. Use onion oil for hair and gently massage your scalp. It will help to promote blood circulation.

 How to make onion hair oil at home

Many people desire to use organic products or make their oils or shampoos at home, and it’s a good habit. But please make sure that you check the ingredients list before purchasing any product. If you do not want to use store-based onion oil but don’t know how to make onion hair oil, we are here to guide you through the process. DIY onion oil for hair is straightforward to make and use.

Chop one medium onion and add them to a blender jar. Pour a tablespoon of coconut oil into the pot to blend the onion into a smooth paste. Blend this in a blender to a smooth paste. Add an equal quantity of onion paste and coconut oil to a saucepan.

Stir well and simmer it on a low flame for a few mins. When the onion paste turns golden brown, please remove it from the heat. After the oil has cooled, take a cheesecloth and strain the oil through it. Transfer the oil to an airtight container.

This step is optional. Add a few drops of essential oil to mask the smell of onions. To use – Massage the oil on your hair and scalp, then wait 2-3 hours or leave it for the night.

Guidelines for making onion oil

  • Don’t use too much onion because onion has sulfur. If you increase the quantity of onion, it can irritate your scalp.
  • When the oil is ready, leave the mixture overnight to ensure that all the ingredients combine well.
  • When you put the mixture into the stainer, be patient because the mixture is thick and needs time to stain.
  • You can also add some caster or rosemary oil for added benefits.

How to make onion hair spray to promote hair growth

Take 4-5 onions and peel them. Now put two glasses of water on the stove and boil it well. Now put onion peel into it and boil this water for 10-15 minutes on low flame. When the water’s color changes, take it off and let it cool then add 4-5 drops of rosemary oil into it. Now transfer it into a spray bottle. Onion hair spray is ready to use. Use onion hair spray into your scalp after washing your hair.Onion peels are the source of calcium, potassium, magnesium, iron, copper, and many more

How to use onion hair oil

most effective ways to use onion hair oil

Onion oil can be used in numerous different ways. Firstly, it can be used directly on the scalp and hair and left for 2-3 hours for the best results. Secondly, hair oil of onion can also be combined with other hair oils according to the need. This way, you can achieve the advantages you get from different hair oils. Here are some ways to enjoy the maximum benefits of the oil.

1. Onion hair Oil for Hair Growth

Mix the onion oil with almond or rosemary oil for maximum hair growth. Heat it in a microwave for 15 seconds to a lukewarm temperature and massage the oil into your scalp and hair. Make sure not to use your nails to massage the oil instead, use your fingertips to ensure that the oil gets into your hair strands.
Keep the oil for 2-3 hours or overnight, and wash it with a paraben-free or sulfate-free shampoo for best results. After shampoo, you can also use a conditioner to enjoy luscious and robust hair.

2. Mix Onion juice with shampoo

 Take a bowl and add some water init. Then add shampoo and 2-3 spoons of Onion juice, then mix it well. For more rapid results, onion hair oil should be used twice a week for several weeks before any substantial results.

5 Other Most Effective ways to Onion Hair Oil

Mixing Onion oil with other hair oils can enhance the effectiveness of onion oil.

  • Mix onion oil with carrier oil like castor oil. Use that oil two times a week before shampoo. This will result in an in-depth conditioning mask that will protect your hair and provide them with volume.
  • Mix onion oil with an egg yolk and mix it well to make a protein hair mask that will smooth out curly or rough hair and provide them with a dose of luster and shine.
  • Mixing onion hair oil or juice with ginger juice will facilitate your scalp protection and prevent bacterial or fungal diseases. It will also treat hair dandruff. It will also provide comfort against the rash. 
  • If your hair is extremely dry and rough, you can mix onion oil with two teaspoons of honey to make an enriching and hydrating mask that will leave your hair smooth and lustrous.
  • Add 9-10 drops of rosemary hair oil into onion oil. This will boost the growth of hair and also control hair fall.

best onion hair oil in India

If you are not willing to use homemade onion oil, or if homemade onion oil gives you an awful smell, then you can buy onion oil from the market. Before purchasing any onion oil, please go through the ingredients list of that product. Some onion oil available on the market comes with brilliant results.

  • WOW onion hair oil
  • Mamaearth onion hair oil 
  • Red onion hair oil


can onion oil cause hair loss

No, Onion oil can not cause hair loss. Instead, onion oil treats hair loss, but if you overdo head massages with onion oil can lead to scalp infections because onion has Sulpher. That’s why you have to use your fingertips during the head massage.

Is onion oil for hair good for dandruff

Yes, Onion oil or spray has anti- inflammatory properties, which are very effective for hair dandruff. Use onion hair oil two times a week for a month. You can see visible results.

is onion oil bad for hair

No, onion hair oil or onion juice is not bad for hair. Instead, onion has many properties which are suitable for hair. Onion oil promotes hair growth, controls hair loss, treats dandruff, gives ultimate shine to hair, and many more.

when to apply onion oil on hair

Onion oil or juice nourishes your scalp and hair. You can use onion oil before shampooing and leave it for 2-3 hours, or you can also leave it overnight. It acts as a natural conditioner that controls dryness and controls frizziness.

can we use onion hair oil daily

No, we do not recommend using Onion hair oil daily because onion oil contains sulfur, which might cause irritation and itchiness to the scalp and cause hair loss. Use it once or twice a week before shampooing your hair for the best results.

where to apply onion juice on hair

Onion hair juice is best for the scalp. You can apply onion juice to your scalp, but you can also use it on your hair.

Can I leave onion oil on my hair overnight?

Yes, onion oil can be left on your hair overnight for the best results. Cover your head with a shower cap to avoid staining your pillow covers. The smell of homemade onion hair oil can stay on the cloth even after washing, so cover your head with a surgical cap.

Bottom Lines

This blog post underlined the critical benefits of onion oil or juice. From anti-microbial effects to anti-inflammatory qualities, from discouraging infections to Keratin synthesis, the list of onion hair oil benefits and most effective ways to use onion oil. You can also make onion oil or onion hair spray at home.

However, it is essential to mention that onion oil may not effectively cure severe forms of male or female pattern baldness and Alopecia Universalis or Totalis, so it is better to go to your doctor instead of home remedies.

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