Sadaf Zareen

Expertise: Skin & Hair Care, Beauty & Make-up

Education: Post Graduate Diploma in Clinical Cosmetology and Bcs (Computer Sciences), Virtual University of Pakistan. Punjab

Certifications: Basic inspection of Food and Health, Beautician certificate,  Certified in Skin Care and make-up, Certified in professional make-up artist from gov institute of GRW. 

Sadaf Zareen is owner of the administration, A makeup Artist and also a writer at Essential beauty hacks. Before that, she was a content writer. She wrote and researched about 200 high-performing articles on different topics related to beauty, hair care, and skincare. She holds a Post Graduate Diploma in Clinical Cosmetology and Bcs in computer science. She has also done a certificate course in the Basics of food and health and worked as a beautician with professionals.

As an editor, she edits and writes content about women’s skin problems, fitness, make-up tips, and beauty.  She also guides her fellows on how to research topics and provide accurate information and deliver polished content. She also holds other management issues very well. Nayab kokub uses essential beauty hacks platform to unhide beauty hacks and beauty secrets. She also works to guide people about self-care and make-up hacks. She keeps her eyes awake on health and beauty concerns and always tries to share new ideas.