What are the symptoms, treatment, and causes of acne?

causes of acne
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Introduction of Acne/Pimples:

Acne has become really a difficult issue nowadays. Almost every other person has this problem. It can be a serious problem if you don’t treat it on time. There are a lot of causes of acne. According to some figures, about 80% of people between 11 to 30 get acne problems.

And in adults’ women are more prone to acne than men and in teenagers, boys are more susceptible. If you have an acne problem and want to get rid of it then stay tuned. Acne doesn’t differentiate against men or women.

We will try to discuss all factors of it and will talk about what causes acne and how to prevent this problem. Before talking about the topic, we will discuss what acne is and then the causes of it. 

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Facts about Acne:     |    6 Types of Acne:           What are the symptoms of Acne:     |      What Are The Causes of Acne:      What causes of acne around mouth:      What causes of acne on the back:     |     What causes of acne on forehead:       What causes of acne on chin:    |    what causes of acne on cheeks:      Other causes of acne:                       

What is acne?

Acne is a skin condition triggered because of three things excess oil, clogged pores, and bacteria on the skin. Let’s understand this better the skin has sebaceous glands right under its surface. The primary function of this gland is to secrete an oily and waxy substance called sebum.

It coats, protects, and moisturizes the skin depending on the level of sebum secretion hygiene and climatic conditions. There are three types of dry skin here; the seam of secretion is less regular skin where the sebum secretion is the required quantity And oily skin where excess sebum secretion is seen.

Acne is mainly an issue with oily skin Types, the hair follicles present under the skin routinely shed dead skin cells along with sebum, but when the body produces extra sebum and dead skin cells.

causes of acne
source: freepik
causes of acne
source: freepik
causes of acne
source: freepik

They are not entirely shed. Instead, they stick together and block the tiny pores. This results in skin blemishes, which encourage the growth of bacteria in that region. Some bacteria are naturally present on the skin and harmless.

But they flourish under favorable conditions, leading to inflammation and spots. You can see a bumpy appearance and red to pink color around it now. Depending on the location of the clock pore and inflammation, acne may appear.

Facts about Acne:

Acne is a polymorphic disease with a huge spectrum of severity. Many internal and external elements cause it. Like air pollution, aggressive skin product medication, and hormonal issues. According to a recent survey, your lifestyle and stress are also a reason for it. Diest is also considered a major reason for the pathogenesis of Acne. Taking lithium also causes acne.

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6 Types of Acne:

causes of acne
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A whitehead is a type of Acne that shapes when dead skin cells, oil, and bacteria become confined in one of the skin pores. The good news is that it can be staved off with some lifestyle changes and medical treatments.   


Blackheads are also a kind of Acne that is present under the skin and raised white bumps. This is mostly appearing on the face, nose, back, and sometimes the neck and shoulders. This type is a general skin issue that can happen at any age. This speckle appears in the area where a large amount of sebum oil appears.


Nodular is an acute type of Acne. It causes hard hunk or Lumb under the skin. The nodules start below the skin surface and come out on the skin as red spots.

This Acne appears when a bacteria known as P. Acne appears on the skin caught inside the blocked pore. This Acne may cause an infection that can influence the skin layers that are deeper.   


Cystic acne occurs when large red, painful breakouts appear deep in the skin. This is inflammatory Acne which is filled with pus and is painful. This happens when dead skin cell and oil is stuck in the skin pore. In this acne, bacteria also stuck in the pore, which causes swelling.   


Papule mostly looks like a small raised bump on the skin. There is no white or yellow pus-filled in these bumps. also, these are solid inflamed Bumps that appear on the skin caused by germs.   


There is another type of acne which is called Pustules. Acne filled with yellowish pus is Pustules type. Its size is usually big as compared to others. It mostly happens due to the infection.   

What are the symptoms of Acne:

 The main symptoms of pimples are spots on your face, back, and chest. Your skin may be oily, or it may be hot or painful to touch. This can be appeared anywhere on the body but is commonly found on the face, shoulder, neck, and also on chest. Your skin becomes uneven, rough, and stony.

With this skin problem, your skin may face discoloration, hyperpigmentation, dark spots, Tan color, pain, redness, dullness, swelling, and irritation.  Because of acne, skin can also face a scary and unbalanced color of skin.   

What Are The Causes of Acne:   

We all have small pores on our skin which are necessary for our skin to make it glowing and fulfill other needs. pimples basically occur when these pores are filled with oil or dead skin cells or harmful bacteria and get blocked.   

The pores of our skin open a follicle, and this follicle is made up of hair sebaceous sebum oil gland. This oil travels through hair and gets up from the pore onto your skin. This oil makes your skin moisturized and causes of pimples.  

how to get rid of acne at home

What causes of acne around mouth:

Acne around the mouth might develop from recurring pressure on the skin near the mouth, such as from daily cellphone users and musical instruments and cosmetics. Our other main cause can be the products like toothpaste, shaving cream, or sometimes lip balm might also be to condemn Hormones and genetics do play a role.

The most familiar places to see breakouts are on the face along the T-shaped area that starts from your forehead and spreads down your nose to your chin area. This is happens because there is a greater engagement of sebaceous glands, the glands that secrete sebum on both the forehead and the chin.

causes of acne
source: freepik
causes of acne
source: freepik
causes of acne
source: freepik

Acne can some times appears near to the mouth if the skin in that area is aching or continually touched. Here are some familiar offenders of acne near the mouth helmet straps. A chin strap on a helmet could easily block the pores of your skin near your mouth and cause for acne.

If you wear a sports helmet with a chin strap, make it sure it is not too tight. Wash your face and chin after wearing a chinstrap musical instrument. Any musical instrument that rests on a chin, such as a violin, or that continually touches the area around the mouth just like a flute may result in blocked pores of the skin and cause acne near the mouth.

Shaving may sometimes lead to acne. Your shaving cream or Shaving oil might block pores or aggravate sensitive skin leading to acne lip balm. Sometimes your daily care routine could be to blame for the blockage and annoyed pores near to your mouth. Oily or greasy the thumb, in some situation may be a typical culprit wax, and lip balms may block the pores. If the lip-balm spreads off your lips it may lead to acne and in some situations fragrances can also irritate your skin.

What are the causes of acne on the back:

Back acne, what is it? Why do you get it? And do we treat it differently than other areas?
So back acne is the same process of acne that happens on your face on your back. But it tends to be bigger. So the bumps tend to be bigger.

The pustules, which are white-filled bumps filled with pus, tend to be bigger. The cysts tend to be bigger. And it’s just kind of harder to treat. Now, all the same, things that cause facial acne and are the causes of it.

Back acne is a little harder to treat, though. Because if you feel the skin of your face, it’s a lot thinner than the skin on your back, which means that a lot of the topicals that we can use on the face because it’s thinner skin, can penetrate and get to the spot that needs to be treated.

But on the back, it’s much thicker skin, so it’s harder for the topical medications to penetrate to get to the area that needs to be treated. It kind of makes sense. Unfortunately, it makes back acne pretty hard to treat sometimes.

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causes of acne
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causes of acne
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Wash your back with some different stuff. One is a good benzoyl peroxide acne wash. And all you do is put it on your back and let it sit for about a minute in the shower, rinse it off completely, and then pat dry with the white towel. It’ll bleach your towels and clothes if you don’t rinse them off completely.

So please do that. So you do that benzoyl peroxide acne wash, it’s over-the-counter. Try to get a glycolic acid wash. That 8% glycolic wash you put on is just like the benzoyl peroxide. So you put it on, you don’t have to rub and scrub it, and just put it on, let it sit for a minute, rinse it off completely and pat dry.

You use benzoyl peroxide, glycolic acid, benzoyl peroxide, and glycolic acid, and you just keep repeating those. Often with that regimen, we can significantly reduce.

 What causes of acne on cheeks:

  • Makeup
  • Phone spreading bacteria
  • Stress and allergies
  • Dirty pillows and sheets
  • Touching your face
  • Poor skincare routine
  • Hormonal changes
causes of acne
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What are the causes of acne on forehead:

when you have pimples only on the forehead you have to look into the scalp as the probable cause of what happens sometimes the scalp is greasy you are into a lot of workouts you don’t take head showers regularly.

So whatever sebum or oil gets collected onto the scalp can clog the pores on your forehead skin so that is one reason that you can get pimples on the forehead. Another, most common habit is while doing any kind of work or reading or attending calls most of the time your hands tend to touch your forehead you know try to feel what is happening or just keep on dropping that also irritates the skin on the scalp clogs the force and gives rise to pimples on the scalp and causes of it.

Sometimes it could be because of your excessive sweat and excessive workouts, you roaming around in a dusty environment not cleansing the face properly can also give rise to pimples on the forehead another most important cause like we have tight bandages or the bandanas or caps on the scalp or which comes on to your forehead that also could occlude the force and give rise to pimples on forehead.

causes of acne
source: freepik
causes of acne
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Now how do we treat the most important is cleansing your face and cleansing your scalp also cleanse your scalp regularly with an anti-dandruff shampoo which will help to get rid of the scales and some exfoliating shampoos which have salicylic acid or glycolic acid as ingredients which will help to remove the scales from the scalp and remove the greasiness and the dirt from the scalp.

So it will indirectly help your face then coming to the cleansing of the face choose face washes if you have bread bombs on the forehead use face washes that have benzoyl peroxide as its active ingredient or salicylic acid.

Mandelic acid or glycolic acid you can choose either of them which suits you as a face wash so the face wash gently exfoliates and cleans the pores and some salicylic acid-based face washes would also help to reduce the oiliness or it will help to melt the thickened oily secretions on your scalp to help with the communal ones.

What causes of acne on chin:

Chin acne appears due to hormones, we can also say it is hormonal acne. Hormonal acne is characterized by large cystic lesions, which are very sensitive to touch along the jawline and the chin area it can be a new onset adult acne and there can be premenstrual flares to it and it can also be associated with menstrual irregularities may or may not be associated with it. And sometimes there can be hirsutism as well.

Androgen-stimulated sebum production plays an important role in hormonal acne and the other hormones which influence the sebum secretions are estrogen, progesterone, insulin-like growth factors, adrenocorticotropic hormone, and of course melanocortins.

Polycystic ovarian syndrome and one more common syndrome is termed hair-an syndrome is commonly associated with hormonal imbalances in acne and this is the main causes of pimples on the chin.

Other causes of Pimples:

Besides this there are many other causes of it that may  contribute to pimples: 

  • Poor Sleep: this can be the causes of it. 
  • Cigarette smoking: affects our health badly, which can also lead to this issue.   
  • Beauty products: products with a high amount of oil can also be one of the causes of pimples.
  • Family problem: You may be getting this issue from inheritance.   
  • PCOS: Polycystic ovary syndrome and other internal conditions can lead to this situation.   
  • Alcoholism:  Taking alcohol can also be dangerous for health that leads to acne issues. 
  • Intake Tobacco: The habit of taking tobacco also can affect your skin texture 
  • Intake of caffeine: Caffeine can also be dangerous to the skin and may cause of acne. 

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