Skin-A Cream(For the Treatment of acne) Price, Uses, Benefits, And Side Effects

Skin A Cream

Skin-A Cream is basically a retinoid. Retinoids are also known as retinoid acid, which is a vitamin A-related compound. It is used for the treatment of acne and psoriasis. Retinoids are used to treat photoaged skin (wrinkles, dryness), ichthyosis, and other disorders of keratinization. Skin a cream mostly used for acne and sun damaged skin. But it is also effective for dark spots, fine lines and wrinkles.

They can be applied topically or taken by mouth or injection. In this article, we talk about Skin A Cream’s price in Pakistan, uses, benefits, and side effects in detail.

Warrning: Skin A Cream requires a prescription. So, please consult with your dermatologist before using this cream.

What is retinol or retinoid?

Retinol and retinoids are both forms of vitamin A. Vitamin A is an essential nutrient that plays a role in vision, bone growth, reproduction, and cell division. Retinol is the active form of vitamin A found in animal products, while retinoids are the active form of vitamin A found in plants. The body converts retinol to retinoic acid, which is the active form of vitamin A.

Retinoic acid binds to receptors in the nucleus of cells and regulates gene expression. This process helps to keep the skin healthy and youthful-looking. Retinoids are also used to treat a variety of skin conditions, such as acne, wrinkles, and sun damage. When applied topically, they can help to unclog pores, reduce inflammation, and boost collagen production. We can use retinol without any prescription but retinoids need a prescription.

skin-a cream benefits

    1. Cure all types of acne

    1. Reduce fine lines and wrinkles

    1. Improve skin texture

    1. Remove acne marks

    1. Remove discoloration

    1. Reduce hyperpigmentation

    1. A good exfoliator

    1. Increasing the production of collagen is the main benefit of skin a cream

    1. Reduce open pores (if you stay consistent with the cream)

    1. Reduce signs of aging

    1. Make skin shiny

    1. Remove whiteheads and blackheads

We can say that Skin A Cream is an overall magical cream for your skin if you know how to use it effectively.

skin a cream Side effects

    1. Skin a cream can dry your skin

    1. Irritation on skin

    1. Redness

    1. Flaking skin

    1. Skin purging

These are the side effects of skin a cream But you can see these side effect just for 2 months. after 2 months of using skin a cream your skin move towards healthy and shiny skin day by day.

skin a cream price in Pakistan

It’s a very effective and low-priced retinoid cream in Pakistan. Skin A Cream price in Pakistan is Rs. 150 rupees only. You can buy this product from any medical store or pharmacy easily.

How to Use Skin a cream

1. Sandwich method

how to use retinoid

If your skin type is sensitive and extremely dry then you can use a sandwich method. Firstly wash your face with a very gentle face wash or cleanser You can use metafil gentle cleanser Its a very good cleanser for extremely dry skin. After properly cleaning your face apply a very thick moisturizer and leave your skin for 15 minutes then use a pea size skin a cream on your face avoid ayes or lips area. then after 30 minutes again use moisturizer and go to sleep.

2. Skin a cream like a pro

Use retionoid

If your skin type is normal then you can skin a cream like a pro method. Firstly clean your face with your daily cleanser then apply your toner after 5 minutes use any moisturizer after moisturizing your face Use a pea size skin a cream avoid eyes or lips.

3. Expert

If you are not a beginner with retinol or retinoids and your skin type is very oily then you can use the expert method. Firstly wash your face with any cleanser then Use a pea size skin a cream on your whole face avoiding the eyes and lips area. then Use a daily moisturizer.

Guidlines for skin a cream

    1. Skin a cream should be used at night time. If you use this cream in the daytime and go into the sunlight your skin becomes more sensitive and the effectiveness of the skin a cream decrease.

    1. Use this cream once a week for the first month.

    1. 2nd month you can use it twice a week.

    1.  3rd month you can use it 3 times a week.

    1. Always Use broad spectrum Sunblock during the day time it is necessary with this cream.

    1. If your skin type is sensitive use a very thick moisturizer before the application of skin a cream.

    1. Don’t use any exfoliator like Lactic acid, salicylic acid, mandelac acid etc. during the first 3 months of using this cream.

    1. Don’t mix this cream with your moisturizer.

    1. If your skin purging gets worse immediately stop using this cream and consult with your dermatologist.

Warrning: A woman can not use this cream during pregnancy or breast feeding. Consult with your dermatologist before using this product.

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